It began with moms...

Fit Mama was an in-person fitness class in Geneva, Switzerland, and was the best class ever! New and not-so-new moms meeting up 2 to 5 times every single week to crank out a sweaty HIIT session or a cardio barre blitz, religiously followed by a café et croissant in the local coffee shop.

It. Was. Amazing!

“I have been in the best shape of my life by participating in the postpartum fitness classes with Michelle!”

— Kim

…then came menopause

Working in female health since 2010, as a certified personal trainer, meant that I was also talking about periods, energy levels, tracking menstrual cycles, postpartum ailments, and everything in between. Every. Single. Day. And I loved it!

My grassroots work, with hundreds of women, supported my lifelong passion for female fitness, health, and wellness. Three distinct areas, so often merged into one tiny sentence.

Moms were my soft spot, but in early 2021, I took an interest in menopause and the transitional journey of perimenopause—the stage leading up to your final period.

What struck me most: So many of my friends and peers were starting to get to grips with what peri is and when it hits, but they seemed to have nowhere to turn for info or camaraderie, outside of Google and the “group chat.” Neither super reliable!

One place. Fitness. Health. Nutrition. Mental Wellness. Advice. Community. Laughs. Support.

Period apps and fitness apps frustrate me! They take in a lot of information, tracking your menstrual cycles and activity, but they rarely give you actionable solutions. That doesn’t seem right to me—I’m a busy woman, and I need my apps to take my data and give me a plan. Vivi Rocks is being built to do just that!

Whether you’ve got time for a 10-minute workout, or you’re training for a 5k run, you will find the right workout and plan for you.

Michelle Caira

Taking it one step further... I want to make sure that you can also track your menstrual cycle, if you’d like, and sync your cycle to your workout of the day #WOD.

Many women don’t realize how those hormonal ebbs and flows can impact their physical output from week to week—your workouts should align with those shifts to help you feel more powerful and balanced.

Vivi Rocks will be your fitness guide!

“Behind every great woman, is a gang of phenomenal women. Vivi Rocks is your gang!”

— Michelle, Founder