Results Driven Corporate Fitness

Vivi Rocks works in conjunction with it's corporate partners to offer a wellness solution tailored to the needs of the company's employees. But why should employers, like you, get involved?

Made For You

Vivi Rocks Corporate has been designed with your business and employee needs at the core.

We understand two major chapters in our clients' lives are happening during their most productive working years - when they are pregnant and when they are going through the menopause transition.

Women who feel supported by their employer will be more inclined to remain loyal!

But what are you currently offering these key employees?

Let Vivi Rocks help you out with tailored fitness and wellness solutions.

1 - Private Clients

Working with Vivi Rocks - professional, discreet, challenging, energizing, personal - for those who want results, who embrace challenge, and who wish to embark on an holistic journey for optimum health and fitness!

In the privacy of your home, office, outdoors, - Vivi Rocks delivers a service of VIP standards.

With highly qualified Master Personal Trainers there to individually design and evolve your training programs, Vivi Rocks will offer a service to improve your corporate family wellbeing.

VIP Corporate Personal Training

Vivi Rocks is delighted to offer VIP - private training with programs individually designed to meet and exceed the client's personal health and fitness goals.

VIP offers clients complete control - with a combination of one-to-one private training sessions, nutritional consultations, regular fitness and lifestyle assessments and reviews, and a challenging program to achieve results and encourage great changes to health and fitness levels.

Fitness sessions can be scheduled around the client's busy schedule - up to 4 times per week - with varying lengths of 30-60 minutes. The results are life enhancing!

VIP 12 & 24 Week Program Outline

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment

  • Posture, Flexibility and Core Muscle Assessment

  • Corrective Exercise and Flexibility Program

  • Stability, Strength and Power Program

  • (24-48) Personal Training Fitness Sessions (min 2 per week)

  • Online nutritional tutorials, webinars and support

  • Unlimited access to your Master Trainer

2 - Group Clients

Working out with the camaraderie of your corporate "family" is often a great way to build team spirit, whilst improving your team's health and fitness levels. Vivi Rocks has designed a fantastic 45 minute lunchtime group session, ideal for those who wish to keep the body and mind boardroom fresh!

With the opportunity to work out twice per week, meeting your personal trainer online for some cardio, strength and resistance exercises.

Work can be stressful, but it's important to not work under stress!

Performance Boost!

Physical movement is not only good for your muscles, but also for your brain. Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and also triggers the release of several key hormones

  • Serotonin - boosts mood

  • Dopamine - learning and attention

  • Norepinephrine - attention, perception, motivation, and arousal

Working out during the day breaks up a long day and can keep you feeling both productive and more satisfied with your work!

Lunchtime Classes

  • <Your Company> exclusive classes

  • Bodyweight exercises

  • All fitness levels and abilities welcomed

  • Safe and welcoming environment

  • Stability, strength, resistance and cardio exercises

  • Minimum of two classes offered per week

  • Professional and qualified personal trainer

  • Pregnant, injured (in physio recovery), heart condition, obese, and any client with special needs, warmly welcomed

3 - Online Clients

Technology gifts us the opportunity to work out with the expert guidance and coaching from a trained, qualified and motivating personal trainer - without ever meeting!

Vivi Rocks is at the forefront of new ways to train clients, and using a professional online platform can offer programs personally tailored to the corporate client.

Employees are often relocated for short projects overseas, or in alternative offices, or perhaps even traveling to meet clients. With a giant step to remote working, employees might also be working hybrid - always at home or sometimes in the office. Online Personal Training allows employees to access their fitness and nutritional programs anywhere in the world with a simple WIFI connection.

Online Clients & Online Personal Training

Vivi Rocks can tailor Corporate Online Training programs to display "in-house" branding, including a company logo, and company color schemes - for complete brand consistency.

Each online client is provided with access to their employers private corporate "village" and access to a full range of modules. The online client can be offered modules on a phased basis - where each module is released at a set time (7 days after the last module). This prevents the online client being overwhelmed with information on day one.

Online Access and Modules include:

  • <Your Company> branded online fitness & nutrition program

  • Fitness videos, mp3 audios, downloadable programs

  • Nutritional modules - meal ideas, packed lunch plans

  • Fitness Assessment modules

  • Stability, strength, resistance and cardio exercises

  • Unlimited access to our on-demand video library

  • Professional and qualified personal trainer within your village - available to answer any questions

  • Understanding food and how to manage it

  • Work:Life Flow and Balance

  • Goal setting workshop

  • Weekly VIP newsletter

  • Access to specific zones - menopause, mama, sports, community - around 40 different zones

  • Pregnant, injured (in physio recovery), heart condition, obese, and any client with special needs, warmly welcomed

For all corporate enquiries: